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Benefits to Members

The advantages of working with a worldwide network of psychobiographers:

  • An opportunity to be on the cutting edge of a scholarly movement
  • The opportunities the have input on your work-in-progress from colleagues who are psychobiographers
  • Opportunities to work with senior, very experience psychobiographers
  • Discover intercultural and transcultural approaches to psychobiography
  • A digital, personal-only use of the forthcoming The Many Roads of the Builders of Psychobiography
  • Opportunities to publish your psychobiographical research in Clio’s Psyche and elsewhere
  • Opportunities to present papers at both the Psychohistory Forum and the International Psychohistorical Association (IPA), which are sponsoring this group
  • A place to publish some psychobiographical studies
  • Invitation to publish autobiographies of psychobiographers who have been writing and publishing psychobiographies for many years
  • Participate in creating the edited book, The Autobiographies of Psychobiographers
  • Share different methodologies. Advocate for a methodology focused initially on primary sources, childhood experiences, countertransference feelings, personality development, motivation, trauma, and the unconscious (see methodology below)
  • Discounts and scholarships to participate in courses on psychobiography or related subjects taught on psychoanalytic institutes*
  • Free access to a depository of psychobiography (books, articles, PowerPoints)

* As a member of the Psychobiography Group, you are invited to participate in /audit a postgraduate (virtual) certificate course at the Object Relations Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis entitled SELF-ANALYSIS, SELF-TRANSFORMATION, AND SELF-CREATION: BRINGING TOGETHER EAST AND WEST.

This course is offered on 2/6; 2/20; 3/13; 4/3/22 (Sundays, 10am — 1pm). For more information and to register (free to you when you join our Psychobiography Research and Publications Group) – visit Psychobiography: An In-Depth Understanding of Famous and ordinary People (with Paul H. Elovitz, PhD)